NHLA Latino Appointments Program


In January of 2013, the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda (our coalition of 39 preeminent national Latino organizations) initiated a Latino Appointments Program aimed at increasing Latino representation in entry-level through Cabinet-level positions in presidential and state-level political appointments.

We invite Latino professionals interested in political appointments to join our NHLA Talent Bank so that we can work to be of support in the pursuit of higher public service leadership positions. Current and former appointees, as well as those who have never served in political positions, are welcome to join NHLA's Talent Bank. 


  Identify your preferred agencies, offices and positions by consulting the 2012 Plum Book.

  Complete NHLA's Endorsement Application by submitting the requested information through the "Apply Now" tab or this link.

  Submit your resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please use the subject line "NHLA Nominations Resume" and limit the length of your resume to one page per decade of work experience.

  Apply to the White House. In order to be considered for a presidential appointment all applicants MUST apply through the official White House application site, whitehouse.gov/apply.

  Stay busy, be patient, research, prepare and be ready to campaign for your position.


Serving as a political appointee can be a very rewarding and meaningful experience -- both for you and for the community. We encourage you to take a look at a few key considerations as you think through whether you want to apply to be an appointee.

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Once you submit your application and resume to us you will be officially registered in NHLA's Talent Bank.

As we hear of opportunities that suit your experiences, we will schedule a one-on-one meeting with you to learn more about your personal story, experiences and interests.

Information gathered from your interview and application will then be shared with our Executive Committee and full board for consideration.

Candidates who are admitted by the board into our program will then be referred to the White House and receive wrap-around support services to prepare for their process pursuing an appointment.


  • Even if there is not currently a vacancy in your area of interest, please know that we do work to offer programming to support candidates.
  • If you are in our Talent Bank, we ask that you please keep us updated with news of any interview opportunities so that we can try to provide you support and mentorship as you move forward in your appointment process.
  • Ultimately, the White House Presidential Personnel Office, White House liaisons within the federal agencies, and supervisors within hiring offices will determine who to interview and hire.
  • While there is no guarantee any individual will be hired, we hope the support of NHLA and our network will be helpful to identifying and preparing candidates for consideration in the Administration's process and provide them with a unique professional development experience.


  • The 2013 Presidential Appointment Primer and 2008 Presidential Appointment Primer created by the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (a NHLA member organization) provides helpful information about the Presidential appointment process, the positions that are available and how to secure an administration post.
  • Every four years, just after the Presidential election, the United States Government Policy and Supporting Positions, commonly known as the "Plum Book," is published, alternately, by the Senate and the House. The Plum Book list many (but not necessarily all) presidentially appointed positions within the Federal Government by department. Be sure to review the 2012 Plum Book, the 2012 Plum Book Mobile App at m.gpo.gov/plumbook, and even the the 2008 Plum Book (though positions and functions vary under Administrations, it may be helpful to research previous appointees and positions).

The 2013 Survivor's Guide for Presidential Nominees, produced by the National Academy of Public Administration, includes tips for navigating the nomination, clearance, and Senate confirmation process - as well as tips on compliance with ethics laws and financial disclosure rules.

The Presidential Appointee's Handbook, also prepared by the National Academy of Public Administration, is another helpful resource.

The Brookings Institution's Survivor's Guide for Presidential Nominees, though produced in 2000, is also helpful for walking candidates through the various phases of pursuing political appointments.

  • The Federal Register and Federal Advisory Committee Act database provide information on agency-appointed boards and commissions. These sites are helpful to monitor for volunteer boards and commissions that are generally appointed by the President or Secretary of an agency.
  • The General Services Administration Presidential Transition site includes links to various materials that provide some helpful background material like The Official Transition Guide. While some materials may be a few years old, some of the information can still be helpful to understanding the political appointment process.