NHLA Latino Appointments Program

plum book1. The 2012 Plum Book. Every four years, just after the Presidential election, the United States Government Policy and Supporting Positions, commonly known as the Plum Book, is published, alternately, by the Senate and the House.

The Plum Book is used to identify presidentially appointed positions within the Federal Government. The 2012 Plum Book Mobile App at m.gpo.gov/plumbook is also a helpful tool for searching through positions within agencies.

While positions and office functions vary under different Administrations, it may also be helpful to consult the 2008 Plum Book as you research previous appointees and positions across agencies.

2. NALEO Educational Fund 2013 Presidential Appointment Primer. As new leadership prepares to enter the White House, its highest-level appointments must reflect the significant Latino presence in America today. As part of the NALEO Educational Fund’s efforts to ensure that qualified Latinos are appointed to top federal positions in President-elect Obama’s administration, NALEO (a NHLA member organization) released its Presidential Appointment Primer to provide general information about the Presidential appointment process, the positions that are available and how to secure a post in the new administration. The Primer also discusses the NALEO Educational Fund’s advocacy work on Presidential appointment issues. You may also find it helpful to review NALEO’s 2008 Presidential Appointment Primer.

3. The General Services Administration Presidential Transition site includes links to various materials that provide some helpful background material like: A Survivor’s Guide for Presidential Nominees and The Official Transition Guide. While some materials may be a few years old, some of the information can still be helpful to understanding the political appointment process.

4. The Federal Register and Federal Advisory Committee Act database provide information on agency- appointed boards and commissions. These sites are helpful to monitor for volunteer boards and commis- sions that are generally appointed by the President or Secretary of an agency.