Latinos United for Voting Rights

Getting Ahead of Discrimination

  • An individual cannot make-up a vote when his or her voting rights were barred because of voter laws… The election is already over!
  • Allowing voting laws to be reviewed before implementation rids the chance of unlawful discrimination.

Addressing All Forms of Discrimination

Courts could potentially place an immediate hold on on discriminatory voting laws by focusing on present day and recent issues at the ballot box.

  • Courts could work on a case by case basis, focus on what’s happening on the ground and respond in real-time… No more lengthy lawsuits causing long term disenfranchisement.
  • The 14th, 15th, 24th, and 26th amendments to the US Constitution protect voting rights of individuals… However, there are still loopholes.
  • With enhanced “bail-in,” Courts can impose additional review if they find a violation of any part of the VRA, not just constitutional violations.
  • Increased flexibility works towards addressing all potential discrimination.

Providing Real-Time Protection to Voters Nationwide

To ensure everyone’s right to vote, certain states and counties with repeated violations in the present or recent past are subject to extra review to break the pattern of discrimination.
Times are ever changing, but history can still speak to the future. The voting practices can be evaluated going back 15 years!
States, counties, and cities that have indication of repeated violation in this timeframe will have all potential voting changes evaluated prior to implementation.
Using an annual review that considers the most recent information, places that maintain fair voting practices can be removed from the list

Transparency and Accountability

  • Currently, there is no requirement for the public to be informed of voting law changes!
  • This bill would require public notice of certain voting changes with 30 days of its enactment.
  • This does not limit the ability to consider changes, rather it increases transparency to the electorate when these changes happen.

Keeping an Eye on Potential Discrimination

  • An expanded ability for federal observers to monitor polling places:

- Any place with voting materials in more than one language - Free appointment from Attorney General

- Any place in violation of VRA or Constitution

- Not subjected to predetermined list of locations

  • Voters are protected and state and local governments are held accountable.