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Partisan Politics on Highly Regarded Nominee, Ambassador Mari Carmen Aponte, is Shameful

Nominee to be U.S. Ambassador to El Salvador approved today by Foreign Relations committee on a politicized party-line vote

WASHINGTON, DC – The National Hispanic Leadership Agenda (NHLA), a coalition of the 30 leading Hispanic organizations in the United States, expressed its dismay at how Senators have politicized Mari Carmen Aponte’s pending confirmation as U.S. Ambassador to El Salvador. Today the Senate Foreign Relations Committee completed the first step in the confirmation process, sending her nomination to the Senate floor. The committee’s vote, however, was strictly along party lines, a clear sign that Senators plan to continue their political gamesmanship over the nomination.

“Today’s party-line vote for Mari Carmen Aponte is yet another sign that a small minority of Senators are unwilling to put politics aside, even when presented with a highly qualified nominee with the expertise to represent the U.S. abroad,” said Lillian Rodríguez-López, chair of NHLA. “When originally nominated in December of 2009, Ms. Aponte’s record of public- and private-sector experience brought rave reviews from informed observers of U.S.-Latin America relations. Since then, politics has spun out of control, and despite a recess appointment her post as ambassador remains in jeopardy. On behalf of NHLA, I urge members of the Senate to put partisanship aside and allow Ms. Aponte to continue her distinguished service.” Chair Rodríguez-López went on to say: “This is yet another example of what appears to be a continued pattern of unfair treatment toward Hispanic and minority nominees.”

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