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NHLA Congratulates Mari Carmen Aponte on Her Senate Confirmation

WASHINGTON, DC –The National Hispanic Leadership Agenda (NHLA), a coalition of thirty of the leading Hispanic organizations in the United States, congratulates Mari Carmen Aponte, who earlier today was confirmed by the U.S. Senate as Ambassador to El Salvador.

Earlier today, the Senate confirmed Aponte, paving the way for Aponte to step into a diplomatic post that has been vacant since her recess appointment expired in 2011. As the former Executive Director of the Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration and previous Ambassador to El Salvador, Aponte possesses years of experience in managing diplomatic affairs.

Hector Sanchez, Chair of the NHLA, stated the following – “We are heartened that the Senate realized that, in a time of diplomatic upheaval, it was critical to ensure we had an individual in one of the nation’s most important posts. Mari Carmen Aponte is an exceptionally qualified candidate who has an extensive familiarity with the Salvadoran-American community and previous experience as Ambassador. The Senate faced an opportunity to nominate an individual that would undoubtedly improve and strengthen relations with El Salvador and, thankfully, seized that opportunity. The NHLA expresses its heartfelt congratulations towards Aponte for this tremendous accomplishment.”

The NHLA considered the confirmation a key vote and, using the organization’s annual scorecard, recorded how each Senator voted. While pleased with Aponte’s successful confirmation, the NHLA will continue to advocate for the nomination and confirmation of other highly qualified Latino leaders to reflect the nation’s growing Latino demographic.

Established in 1991, The National Hispanic Leadership Agenda (NHLA) brings together Hispanic leaders to establish policy priorities that address, and raise public awareness of the major issues affecting the Latino community and the nation as a whole. For more information, please visit www.nationalhispanicleadership.org.

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