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Latino Leaders: Super Committee Was a Chance to Create Balanced Debt Reduction Plan

WASHINGTON, DC – On behalf of the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda (NHLA), a coalition of the 30 leading Hispanic organizations in the United States, chair Lillian Rodríguez López issued this statement following the Super Committee’s announcement that it would not reach an agreement on a budget deal.

“It is incredibly disappointing that in this time of economic crisis Congressional members of the Super Committee were unable to reach agreement on a balanced plan to reduce our deficit and put our economy on a stronger footing. The agreement that created the Super Committee earlier this year has already set in motion significant cuts to important domestic programs that help keep families working, in their homes, healthy, and with opportunities to achieve the American Dream. The Super Committee provided a chance for Congress to bring balance to deficit reduction by sharing the burden with those at the top of the income ladder. The National Hispanic Leadership Agenda presented the committee with a plan to do just that, which would have cut more than $1.5 trillion from the deficit by letting the tax cuts for the highest income earners expire, ending subsidies for the energy and agricultural industries, and reducing defense spending. Congress now has 13 months to come up with a plan before automatic spending reductions cut deeper into domestic programs. We hope that Congress will be able to find a solution similar to our plan – one that reduces the deficit without hampering future growth or placing the bulk of the burden on America’s most vulnerable.”

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